Wavy Celebrity Hair Styles


Wavy hair adds just the right amount of excitement to otherwise drab and boring hair. Wavy hair is more traditional because it was more easily achieved. It has a long history in movies, with a starring role in the forties with actresses such as Veronica Lake. It many cases, it is still considered a style of earlier years, where the modern look is more spiky, shagged, or layered. Long hair trailing huge waves is characteristic of youth and there is a message of gentleness and innocence in the waves. Often the effect is that of ocean tides tumbling to shore. You need the length to create the effect, or you may wind up with little girl curls, like Shirley Temple.

Wavy hair requires little maintenance, though it sometimes needs to be augmented with additions to give it fullness. Here we have a selection of actresses who have chosen to lean towards the gentle look of waves which are considered far more feminine and less severe than shorter or straight hair.

A few of the images below were created for specific movie roles to represent looks in the 1940s and 1950s.


Gina Gershon
Denise Richards

Jennifer Ellison
Laura Prepon
Charlize Theron
Veronica Varekova
Eva Herzigova
Kelly Hu

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