Straight Hair Styles


The curly-haired among us are always yearning to have straight hair. Those with perpetually straight hair secretly envy those blessed with naturally curly hair. The straight hair may be easier to deal with and may eliminate constant "bad hair days," but their owners may get bored more frequently. Since there are so many methods of initiating a temporary change, they have very little to complain about.

Little girls with long straight hair walk to and from school every day, acquiring their fair share of admiring and envious looks. Straight hair is associated with youth, but not confined to youth. When the length becomes too troublesome, it is often cropped to a cute length, and if they are intensely poitically minded, they will cut it even shorter, until they look like tennis balls. But they usually regret that in the long run, knowing that it will always grow back eventually.

It never matters what color it is, if it is only straight. Perhaps those with more brown yearn to darken it all the way into charcoal black, generating a sexy and mysterious Egyptian look. The Egyptians wore wigs to capture that Cleopatra look. They can also go in the other direction and seek the platinum blonde drapes which we imagine to be the crown of Lady Godiva. The color is certain to attract more than its fair share of admiration from members of the opposite sex. Some movie producers have even created chorus lines filled with the platinum blonde pageboy, to capture attention and seek uniformity. No straggly curls interrupting the flow. How you display your straight hair is the key to enhancing your individuality. Choose the color, choose the length, choose the cut, but keep it straight as an arrow to melt the hearts of potential sweethearts that you meet. 15hqql.

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