Redhead Celebrity Hair Styles


Redheads are rare and much has been attributed to their personalities. Not all the celebrities listed here are natural redheads, but when they have chosen to make the change or sport the do, they wear it well. You don't have to be natural to give it a shot. Red is for that dangerous personality, maybe even a little on the crazy side. Think of the intensity of the Milla Jovovich character (Leeloo) in the Bruce Willis film "The Fifth Element". The red-head is also special and rare, like a rare ruby gem, and makes a special model, like Angie Everhart.

Does it have to be bright red? It can be any shade you like, and sometimes natural reds have enhanced the color. Having red hair makes you stand out in the crowd. It's almost like those people who run around with blue or green hair, but you know they're fake. It's the redhaired beauties who leave a certain amount of doubt in your mind. They have caught your attention, but is it real or is it imagined? It doesn't really matter. It is a question of how effective it is.

Many redheads perform according to expectations. They behave more intense or nutty or just plain fun, because they are "in costume." They have adopted the style and color and now they are free to behave without fear. If worst comes to worst, blame it on the hair. That's what it's all about. Relinquishing the restraints that hold us back. That's what choosing your next style and color involve, but in the case of color, why not be wild just once in your life? You will get attention, so be prepared to sign a few autographs (or other unexpected consequences). 15hqql.

Milla Jovovich
Laura Prepon
Lindsay Lohan
Charlize Theron
Mariah Carey

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