It doesn't matter what the jealous gossip columnists spout, pigtails are cute on anyone, if you can get away with it. Sure, there are age requirements, and you have to be careful to make certain they are suitable. It's a great restorer of the youthful image. Let the pathetic columnists get as green with envy as they wish -- they are just a bunch of noisemakers anyway.

The pigtail is a quick method for an overworked mother to get a bit of order in the life of a frantic young one. The reality of the pigtail often becomes blended with the braid and the pony tail. They are essentially pony tails worn on the sides of the head, but it is okay to bind them up. If they get too long and braided, then they become braids. It is supposed to be for the young, and the more mature woman or celebrity. Deciding to wear them, can generate heat. How dare she try to look so young.

Achieving the look is easy. Unless you're going for the crazy style, locate the root of the pigtail at a symmetrical spot on each side of the head. Lower pigtails hang down on front of the shoulders and draw attention to a narrow neck or an abundant chest. Elastic ties or ribbons are usually sufficient. The higher pigtails make for a more youthful look, and the hair becomes bouncy, as it flows over itself. With very short pigtails, you can bind two small sections of hair, with the rest hanging loose. This will keep bangs out of the eyes.

Braiding the pigtails and wearing them low, gives you the Indian look. Styles come and go and many have been political as well as cultural. The sixties saw a resurrection of the Indian-braided pigtails as a statement of being more in touch with the natural world. In China, the student revolution saw millions of youths riding their bicycles and wearing their "with it" pigtails. More exotic styles exist when the hair is longer, and the braids can be formed into wheels, but this special Star Wars look is not often seen.

Men like seeing girls and women in pigtails, because it makes a statement that they are playful and fun; whereas, dour female competitors just hate the look. They feel they are being criticized for looking old. It's a great way to annoy someone who doesn't look after themselves. You can add to the effect by inserting the tip of your baby finger into your mouth from time to time and squealing and bouncing around. Girls just wanna have fun. 15hqql.

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