Hair Styles for the Mature Woman


The mature woman has a greater challenge in that she has to make an effort in whatever style she chooses. Where the younger woman or girl can get away with almost anything, the mature woman has to be more aware of her image. The greatest danger is to worship and promote a style that belongs to an ancient generation. Just remember how your grandmother used to look. You couldn't understand it. But when you visit the pages on this site from earlier decades, you can understand why they were using those styles. Back then, the styles were current, innovative and oftentimes rebellious. Look at the hairstyles from the 1910s and you realize how a mature woman sporting such styles in the 1940s and 1950s looked old. A visit to a seniors' residence would often be a study in such encounters.

The second danger for the mature woman is in trying to sport a style that is too modern. Imagine a shag hair style on a ninety-year old or a "Baby Spice" style on a woman in her fifties. It just begins to look amusing. You don't have to knock them dead, but you do have to avoid looking like you're an escapee from a circus.

The demonstrations here represent how some celebrities have been successful, perhaps a bit bold, but well within the range of mature women years. In some cases, a younger woman with an older face, must assume an older image and must therefore adopt a safer style. These examples will give you some ideas, but there are so many factors involved, including the condition of the hair, the condition of your skin, and the overall image you are attempting to convey. The pictures are not current, so the age that is represented will be approximate.

Success in this arena results in crushes from neighborhood teens who dream that: "my best friends mom" really likes them, and has actually inspired the good-looking mature woman holding her own in the popularity race. 15hqql.

Laura San Giacomo b.1961
Kelly Preston b.1962
Gina Gershon b.1962
Shannon Whirry b.1964
Sophie Marceau b.1966
Pamela Anderson b.1967
Kelly Hu b.1968
Lucy Lawless b.1969
Mariah Carey b.1970
Kelly Ripa b.1970
Nikki Ziering b.1971
Sofia Vergara b.1972

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