Long hair is the original beauty secret. It has the greatest variety of stylings of all the lengths as it can be twisted, folded and reduced to other sizes, then unfolded to reveal all of its glory. It is a stunning attention getter, usually when hidden beneath a hat and then released to its full length. It may be the most troublesome to deal with, requiring more attention more often, and it certainly taps the body's resources of nutrients, even if it remains the envy of the feminine clan.

Youth supports long hair and takes it for granted, especially youth without responsibility. It may be easier to handle when straight and obedient, but those with straight hair always want to have it curled and those with naturally curly tresses long to have it straightened into a less troublesome pet. To many, it develops a personality of its own, taking longer to customize and longer to dry. Eventually, when the owner realizes that life can be so much simpler, she will announce that it is robbing her of her protein and conclude that the shears must come out, but in truth she yearns for days of freedom. The more time she has invested in its length the more major the operation to cut. She will start by trimming, but usually in a moment of rashness will sanction having it all plummet to the ground. There is no going back. The deed is done. 15hqql.

curly long
straight long
long red

mysterious long
dramatic long hair

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