Flip Hair Styles


The flip hair style is back, and for purists it should be flat on the sides and curled into points. The flip will generate a double-take from anyone who went to school in the sixties. Ideally, with a good flip, you should be able to wave your arms in a strong wind and lift off from the ground, achieving a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet; well theoretically. That cannot be achieved when the flip has been shaggified. When you blend the styles, you're trying to play it safe, always with the excuse that it's "your own style" or adapted to your facial bones.

In reality, a true resurrection from the days of the Mod look, the emergence of the Beatles, and Mary Tyler Moore, will get far more attention at any function, than a modified flip. It's just a question of how much attention you want. Remember that flip is not "big hair" and shouldn't be combined with big hair. If you do that, somebody will think you're working for a remake of Grease, (or the Spanish-language version, "Vaselina" in which Paulina Rubio starred), which was fundamentally an inaccurate representation of the original period. The pictures you see here start out with a real and original flip from 1967. Everything thereafter is a lesser variation. You decide which style and extreme is more suitable to your hair and easy to maintain. 15hqql.

60s flip
original flip
red-haired flip

casual flip
elongated flip
perky flip
surprise flip

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