Fantasy Hair Styles


Creative genius, normally applied to painting, writing, and media can equally be applied to the creation of hair styles. But one point must be emphasized: that in the case of fantastic hair styles, you cannot separate the rest of the being from the hair. Where ordinary hair-dos can be interchanged at will, with the same clothes being worn on most occasionas, fantasy hair-dos, whether they are seen at parties, on movie sets, or on the streets of Japan in the centers of young people, usually require an entire body and costume make-over.

It doesn't mean that you must be outlandish or shocking or fundamentally different. There is still the major standards by which the hair-dos should be evaluated; namely, that they should be attractive, appealing, and able to convey something of the inner personality. There is nothing more ridiculous than an ornate hair-do combined with a bored expression, though quite often you will see that kind of thing on the fashion catwalks. The subject has been approached in comedy films such as Zoolander with the rather "brainless" models performing as "clothes horses" while trying to maintain expressions of disdain and arrogance.

It is one thing to have a cake on top of your head; it is another thing to have the whole image naturalized. Not all of us have a staff of dutiful make-up artists who can spend hours putting us together. The challenge is to keep it simple, cost-effective, and convenient to display in a number of lighting conditions. Too much paint and powder do not fare well in strong sunlight.

The purpose is to show a variety of amatuer and professional efforts from around the world. Note, that they do not include cultural hair style expressions, but are all modern attempts at being innovative, even though they may have derived inspiration from other eras and lands. It is hoped they can inspire your own creation. 15hqql.

science fiction hairstyle
red teen hair
cross-eyed hairstyle
imaginitive hair
vamp delight
orange hair

mystery hairstyle
blue hair
orphan annie hair
milla jovovich hair
big red hair
long blue hair
lost face hair
peek-a-boo hair
unfinished hairstyle
star wars hair
full teasing
robotic hair

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