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As Bill Cosby speaks to his gorgeous TV daughter, his eyes enunciate the fact that there is something wrong up top. Interrupted from her preparations, she appears to be halfway in and halfway out of multiple unidentified styles. As their inane scripted conversation ends, and she is about to leave the room, Bill Cosby ad-libs, "... and I hope whatever it is you're trying to do with your hair is successful."

Exaggerated hair is experimental, sometimes green, sometimes clipped, oftentimes enlarged, and many times adorned with ornaments. Perhaps it is more akin to a dining table centerpiece. There has been for many years the awareness that a woman's hair is an adjustable lure for the male, attracting greater attention by augmentation. Sometimes, extensive creativity is not required. When the raw materials are naturally full, the results can be fantastic, cute, amazing and in the hands of the skilled beautician, alluring. This is no mere spider's web to catch the dumb fly, this is nature's reaffirmation that woman is in charge.

The compositors of exaggerated hair, liked to fluff the tresses, add bows and grapes and other attachments, or recompose a current style into the locks of a very young model. The effect was to draw the attention heavily toward the face, which helped when it was pretty. The finding of King Tut's tomb and the resultant Egyptian mania was one of the more notable influences upon the hair during the twentieth century. It was big, it was strange, it was attractive, it was alluring. Often it was difficult to distinguish between a bad hair day and a finished product.

The early 1900s photographers created photograph postcards in the art nouveau style, preparing their patient models so that their photographed handiwork would attract customers. Stage celebrities, Algerian nudes, youthful models, all were composed for the lens so that the results could be sold in the local tourist shop. In more recent days, music divas have taken over center stage. Think of Lene Lovich, Dolly Parton, Dusty Springfield, Cindy Lauper, and Whitney Houston. From earlier days, the stars were Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, and into the twentieth century with Cleo de Merode, Pola Negri and Mata Hari.


1920s hair
turn of the century hair
demure hair
20s hairstyle

classic hair
youthful hair
hair and profile
slave girl
harem girl
pickford hair
early hairstyle
young girl
hair and fruit
big bow hair
1910s hair
delicious hair
young hairstyle
slave girl hair
1920s miss
luxurious hair
dramatic hair
pretty miss
well-made hair
hair and hat
first photo hair
child hair
innocent hair
vamp hairstyle
outdoor hair
youthful hairstyle
hair and graps
mysterious hair
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wild hair
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