Your Future is in Your Hair

by Amyobala Key

   modern look in 1856

Your hair directs your destiny.

Your hairdo is truly profound. It doesn't just make you look nice. It tells the world what you think of yourself and what your expectations are.

When your life is in a rut, you emerge from down under, from your immaturity, or from your cocoon by casting off the old and transforming yourself into something amazing. You don't even need Botox, a PHD, or a facelift to accomplish the new version of yourself.

With a carefully thought out plan you re-engineer your existence. And with the execution of this plan, you change your world. You invite success. You can do whatever you want; you can acquire whatever your existence needs. Just as the flower unfolds its petals to soak up the sun and attract assistance to spread the word about your creative pollination powers, your hairdo commands attention and performs 80% of the workload.

Men cannot afford to do this, because excessive concern about their hair makes them appear vain. To the woman, all changes are natural.

So you want to become a blonde? Don't jump into it. Do it gradually. Decide what the final effect will be. It depends on your age, your marital status, and your expectations about employment. Your choices as a blonde include: bombshell, sunny, brassy, girl-next-door, and cool. Opting for the wrong choice will attract the wrong kind of attention. If you just want to turn up the volume on your existence, any kind of blonde will accomplish that. The bombshell tells the world that you are accessible, and you had better be confident about your romantic capabilities before you explode yourself onto the world with this one. Doors will be opened for you that were never opened before, but you had better be careful about who you are dealing with. You are inviting a change in status, opportunity, employment with this one. You can reduce its impact later, when you have achieved your goals.

The cool blonde is the professional. She is expected to perform intelligently, and she suggests that she may be open to romance, but that's not number one on her agenda. The sunny blonde and the girl-next-door blonde will be treated well and with respect. They are likeable and liked by everyone.

If you're not the blonde type -- you may not have the pigmentation or even the nerve to go this far, then strengthen your natural color, whether red, black, or brown, and get the cut that matches your features and your pathway in life. If you're getting older, then it may be time for a shorter cut. The girl in braids who ages and never leaves her braids, but just turns grey and dried-out becomes a hag. She will have a hard time making her way through the maze of life, fighting resistance all the way.

The girl who chooses the short cut, especially the Pixie or bob is liked by everyone. She will have fun and friends, and may just catch that little bit of romantic upgrade her life has been lacking for so long. She will be taken seriously in whatever she undertakes.

The older woman needs to come to grips with grey or silver. You can color it out for a few decades, but eventually time catches up, and if it's respect you want, then let your grey become silver and your cut be softer. Don't let it just grow out of your head like a weed patch. That shaggy dog look is only appealing when you're very young and able to run though the fields. It seems that half the women in the world are thirty something, with medium length, slightly curled brunette hair. They are so common, they are everywhere, and ultimately they are anonymous.

Choose the change that can be permanent, easily maintained and which makes you stand out from the crowd. Avoid the country girl's big hairdo, unless you are embarking on a country music career or looking for a cowboy's embrace. Keep it trimmed, orderly, touched-up, and urbanized. If you are fighting some other dissatisfaction, like overweight, then get the advice of a qualified hairdresser. Big hair on big ladies look ridiculous. Likewise sheering it to prison length will leave you hiding in the hills or ready to pick a fight.

Check out some styles that have been around throughout the decades. You can study styles from the 1840s to the modern day on this site.

Big hair means bigger status, you want to be noticed. It is cheaper than plastic surgery when you have some other feature you want to reduce, but it can have you classified as compensating for a feeling of inadequacy. Small hair means pretty and somewhat helpless. Men are not intimidated and will protect you from the harshness of the world. Voluptuous tresses are romantically exciting, as long as they are longer than medium and must be darker or lighter than the average. Men want to run their hands through such hair. It says, you are not against a bit of a romantic involvement. Hair ironed straight can be a throwback to the hippie era. It can make you a free spirit and a naturalist. Curls make you a cutie to be adored. You want to be possessed and likewise protected. Short, boyish hair, says that you are in transition. You have not decided what you want in life; you definitely don't want complexities, and romance will keep its distance. You may also have gender issues. This will become clear, if that is your issue, by how much you use cosmetics and how you choose your clothes. The sharply cut, strongly colored hair, best seen on the China doll or Egyptian princess creates a sense of mystery, complexity, and promises a dangerous relationship. Do you want a dramatic life? This may be the one for you.

Just one more hint when trying to decide. Do what some famous movies stars have done. Get photographs taken of yourself, then study them. Have those you trust comment on them, and find out in what direction you need to go to achieve your transformation. If you get good advice, consistently, then you will be wearing your hair as a riding crop that drives you to your destination, rather than having your hair wear you, and looking like something you pulled out of box and lashed to your head. Your next hairdo, cut and color, must look natural and feel comfortable. Escape plain Jane and re-engineer your destiny by making the big step up. 15hqql.

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