Brunette Celebrity Hair Styles


The Brunette has to try harder, because brunette hair styles are not always the most desired or the most publicly popular. But when the eyes are deep pools of brown, the brunette can be mysterious beyond belief. There are many shades to demonstrate, and where blonde emerges into brown and brown emerges into black, the gradations are not always clear. The brunette has the advantage of requiring the onlooker to be up close. An admirer might see and follow a blonde from a great distance, but the brunette suddenly emerges from the gloom, and with her eyes and knowing smile she is just as capable of capturing a soul.

In many cases, brunettes are considered more trustworthy as the hair color is more natural and more indicative of a solid personality. We do not encounter brunette jokes. There is a very good reason for that. The brunette is thoughtful, intelligent, and calm. She makes an excellent partner, and when it comes to acting, the brunette has a better chance to win the top awards. She puts more effort into her projects as she cannot simply ride on the color of her tresses. Look to the brunette to set a trend or demonstrate dependability when being dependable is most needed.


Gina Gershon
Laura San Giacomo

Sophie Marceau
Milla Jovovich
Nadia Bjorlin
Nikki Cox
Veronica Varekova
Eva Green
Eva Mendes
Kelly Brook

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