Blonde Celebrity Hair Styles


The blonde little girl can grow up into the darker haired woman or she can retain her light-haired state all of her life. There are many shades of blondness from platinum to strawberry, to murky and gold. The color is a shining light, symbolic of the purity of the angel's, and in modern times it has been much maligned for the bearer is suggested as being slower than her compatriots. The blonde personality is pleasant, optimistic, helpful and nurturing. She understands what it means to be denied opportunities to function as an equal and to enter a category of hot blondes where she has to avoid behavioral stereoptyping.

The blonde lacks the fiery outspokenness of the red-head and the furious intensity of the brunette. She is the female warrior in suit-of-armor, diligent at protection and indomitable in the face of adversity. She is Joan of Arc, who must have been a blonde no matter what anyone says. She is Lady Godiva, a pure beauty, so often misunderstood. Those who study blondes, are equally intent upon studying their roots, for if she is a blonde by choice, she is no longer a child, and considered a threat to those around her, yet never do we hear of gangs of blondes overwhelming society. They are charming, endearing, and forever lending a helping hand. Blonde models may look good but they inevitably become animal rights activists or involved in other socially uplifting activities. They want to avoid the dizzy blonde image. In general, blondes do not seek to conquer but to be loved and needed.

The blonde is society's guardian, protector, nourisher and soul. Without her, we could not survive. 15hqql.

Jenna Jameson

Jennifer Ellison
Michelle Marsh
Paris Hilton
Anna Faris
Jodie Kidd
Nikki Visser
Nikki Ziering

Eva Herzigova

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