Bangs are the swirl on the icing on the cake. When the forehead was revealed, it was reminiscent of authority and the thinking, classical male image or a Queen in a pompadour. One did not find bangs on Queen Victoria, certainly not in her matronly years. The forehead can be harsh and bony, a bit abrupt, aggressive like the ram, and stubborn as the mule. The bangs soften the image; they are a natural for children who have no authority and who are mostly playful. Bangs are fun, cute, demure, in fact, they invite play, much like the pigtails.

Thin, stringy bangs are an afterthought, a result of a quick comb down; whereas, thicker bangs that have been cut straight across and just above the eyes show an inviting mystery. The eyes peep out from beneath the hedge of bangs. They are secretive, daring, and more than just playful. It is all about image, although often it is influenced by the hair. The thin wispy hair shows the forehead beneath, with the softness still there, but communicating that hint of vulnerability. They are the bangs of the angels. The thicker hair brush that covers the forehead and most of the eyes is the more devilish kind. It is the lady who thinks and behaves like a girl, perhaps even a naughty little girl. Nothing is established, but a lot is suggested.

Bangs are not always suitable for all hair types. The wiry red curly hair that cannot hold the bangs are more suitable to a longer hairstyle that is swept aside. Bangs are often the afterthought for a shorter hairstyle, to suggest length and to reduce the pie plate look of too much face. What remains are the cherub lips, the button nose, the innocent eyes, and no hint of a wrinkle or frown line.

Here, then is an exploration of bangs that have appeared mostly on celebrities during their moments of innocence. 15hqql.

Laura Prepon
Laura San Giacomo
Classic 1970
Milla Jovovich

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