Angel Hairstyles


Even the heavenly host whose primary function was to deliver messages from the Almighty, had to book some time in the beauty parlor to get it together. It wouldn't do to present yourself in a shabby way when there were important words to be delivered.

Of course, there were additional important functions, the occasional miracle had to be enacted. It is easier to grab the attention of your audience if you look the part. The original angels had many designations and many functions, but we have come to believe they are primarily available to help us when we are in trouble. The classic angel is the most loving creature, sort of a Super Hero. He or she is allowed to intervene slightly in order to assist.

Even before Charlie's Angels came onto the scene, we knew they were creatures of multiple talents. They were probably best represented in Touched By an Angel, performing more truly to form, and in a way that we expected them to be.


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